• Huma Batool PGMI / AMC / LGH, Lahore
  • Zainab Raza COMSATS University, Lahore
  • Syed Arslan Haider Punjab Institute of Neurosciences
  • Khalid Waheed PGMI / AMC / LGH, Lahore
  • Asifa Karamat Gulab Devi Hospital
  • Andleeb Zehra University of Lahore
Keywords: Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, Covid 19


The current study examines the mental health of patients diagnosed with Covid 19. Descriptive research design was used in this study. Data of 100 patients was collected from Lahore General Hospital through convenient sampling. Pakistan Anxiety and Depression Scale was used to find out mental health of patients in domains of anxiety and depression. According to the findings, mostly patients reported moderate level of anxiety and depression. Results also showed that females experience more depression and anxiety as compared to males. It was also seen that patients living in nuclear family systems show more anxiety as compared to those who live in joint family system. Furthermore, age was positively while family income negatively related with anxiety and depression. These findings can be helpful to highlight importance of need of mental health services to reduce psychological impact of this outbreak

Author Biographies

Huma Batool, PGMI / AMC / LGH, Lahore

Department of Pulmonology, Assistant Professor

Zainab Raza, COMSATS University, Lahore

Lecturer Psychology

Syed Arslan Haider, Punjab Institute of Neurosciences

Department of Neurology, Assistant Professor 

Khalid Waheed, PGMI / AMC / LGH, Lahore

Department of Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine, Professor 

Asifa Karamat, Gulab Devi Hospital

Department of Tuberculosis and Chest  Medicine, Assistant Professor of Pulmonolgy

Andleeb Zehra, University of Lahore

Child Rights Department, Regional Officer