Pneumothorax: A rare complication of COVID-19 pneumonia. A case report

  • Abdul Rasheed Qureshi Gulab Devi Teaching hospital,Lahore.
  • Zaheer Akhtar Gulab Devi Teaching hospital,Lahore.
  • Muhammad Irfan Gulab Devi Teaching Hospital Lahore
  • Muhammad Sajid Gulab Devi Teaching hospital,Lahore.
Keywords: Covid-19 pneumonia-shortness of breath-complications-Pneumothorax


COVID-19 Pneumonia outbreak, started in China in December 2019 and spread world-wide.  Patient usually presents with flu like or lower respiratory symptoms. At times, patients display rapid respiratory decline which is attributed to the progression of covid-19 pneumonia. Pulmonary embolism and extensive pneumonia are common complications. Pneumothorax may be a rare complication which has commonly been reported in ventilated patients and could be a life threatening emergency. Early diagnosis and prompt management are detrimental for favorable outcome. We describe a 72 years old, male patient, admitted in covid-19 ward for COVID-19 pneumonia. Fever, dry cough and worsening shortness of breath were main complaints.  Chest x-ray revealed signs of low density consolidation in both mid and lower zones and pneumothorax on the left side. CRP, LDH, D. Dimer and serum Ferritin levels were raised. Covid-19 treatment started, chest drain inserted and patient was discharged after 15 days with full lung expansion.

Author Biographies

Abdul Rasheed Qureshi, Gulab Devi Teaching hospital,Lahore.
  1. Head of Department, Pulmonology OPD-Gulab Devi Teaching Hospital Lahore. Pakistan.
  2. Director, Institute of Biotechnology department, Gulab Devi Educational Complex, Lahore. 

Principal Author

Zaheer Akhtar, Gulab Devi Teaching hospital,Lahore.

Professor of pulmonology, Gulab Devi Chest Hospital, Lahore

Muhammad Sajid, Gulab Devi Teaching hospital,Lahore.

Medical Officer, Gulab Devi Teaching Hospital, Lahore