• Uswa Nabi Doctor
  • Muhammad ilyas
  • Jawad Ahmad Services Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital, Lahore
  • Adeel Niaz
  • Maisam Shavaiz Khan
  • Rajnab Khan
Keywords: Turbinate hypertrophy, ostiomeatal complex, sinuses, concha bullosa


Background: Middle nasal concha hypertrophy known as concha bullosa is caused by its pneumatization. Although it is the most common anatomical variation of the ostiomeatal complex, research on it in different populations is limited. It is uncertain whether concha bullosa prevalence varies across populations throughout the world.

Objective: The purpose of study was to determine the prevalence of (superior, middle and inferior turbinate concha bullosa) in patients who visited an ENT clinic with various ENT symptoms.

Methods: The duration of this retrospective descriptive study was six month. The study was carried out between the period from June 2022 to November 2022 at Department of ENT and Head & Neck Surgery. We examined the axial and coronal planes of patients' computed tomography (CT) scans of nose as well as paranasal sinuses who reported headaches or nasal obstruction symptoms in addition to symptoms of chronic sinusitis.

Results: Concha bullosa was seen in 14% of the 100 scans examined. Six (42.8%) individuals had bilateral concha bullosa, whereas eight (57.1%) had unilateral concha bullosa. Out of the eight conchae, two (25%) were found on the right side while six (75%) on the left side.

Conclusion: Study concluded that concha bullosa is the most common anatomic variation. During the preoperative evaluation, the radiologist must pay close attention to anatomical variants. It is critical for surgeons to be aware of this variation.

Author Biographies

Muhammad ilyas

Assistant professor. 

ENT department, Lahore General hospital 





Jawad Ahmad, Services Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital, Lahore

Assistant Professor

Adeel Niaz

Senior Registrar

ENT department, Lahore General hospital 

Maisam Shavaiz Khan

House Officer

Lahore General hospital 



Rajnab Khan

House Officer