Middle meatal antrostomy without endoscope; introduction of a hybrid technique

  • Khalid waliullah balghari Islam medical college, sialkot
  • Muhammad Ilyas Lahore General Hospital
  • Tahir Manzoor Islam Medical College/Islam Teaching Hospital, Sialkot
  • Najaf Abbas Islam Medical College/Islam Teaching Hospital, Sialkot
  • Mazhar ul Islam Sargodha Medical College, Sargodha
  • Muhammad Awais Amin Services Hospital, Lahore
Keywords: KEY WORDS: middle meatal antrostomy, FESS, nasal polyps.




Background: Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is the standard treatment for inflammatory nasal polypi and sinusitis as it targets the common drainage pathway or the osteomeatal complex in the middle meatus. New techniques tailored according to regional patient needs and available on ground situations are constantly being mentioned in research articles.
Aim: to present our experience in practicing a hybrid technique of performing middle meatal antrostomies without endoscope.
Materials and Methods: This is an observational clinical study. This study was performed on 50 patients who underwent middle meatal antrostomies without endoscope from April 2017 till Aril 2019 in the department of ENT at Islam Medical College Pasrur Road Sialkot.
Results: In our study all the 50 patients were found to be having patent middle meatal antrostomies at 6 weeks times after surgery, assessed by flexible fiber optic nasal endoscopy.
Conclusion: middle meatal antrostomy without endoscope is a safe and effective method in treating maxillary sinus disease and should be practiced instead of the traditional inferior meatal antrostomies, at centers where an environment conducive to FESS is not available. Studies with larger sample size will further establish the efficacy, cost effectiveness and time conservation with this technique.


Author Biographies

Muhammad Ilyas, Lahore General Hospital

Department of ENT

Tahir Manzoor, Islam Medical College/Islam Teaching Hospital, Sialkot

DEpartment of ENT

Najaf Abbas, Islam Medical College/Islam Teaching Hospital, Sialkot

Department of ENT

Mazhar ul Islam, Sargodha Medical College, Sargodha

Department of ENT

Muhammad Awais Amin, Services Hospital, Lahore

Department of ENT